This program is for families who are treating their loved one by themselves at home but want some professional guidance.A dedicated Willing Ways professional can direct them to resources and educational materials, conduct training sessions as needed, and have daily telephonic interaction to help them manage their loved one.

  • Interaction: As outdoor client face to face, on-line or on telephone
  • Evaluation Charges Per session: Rs.5,550-Rs.51,550
  • Charges for all Professionals: Rs.5,550-Rs.15,550
  • Charges for Dr. Sadaqat Ali: Rs.51,550
  • Program: Training Sessions (75mins) as and when family desires + Daily Telephonic interaction of one call (5mins) with a cost of 5% of their session cost.
  • Professionals: : Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Uzma Sadaqat, Abdur Rehman Sadaqat, Nadeem Noor, Shumaila Batool, , Dr. Ajaz Qureshi, Tehseen Nasir, Amna Nawaz, Ramsha Khan

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