Some families prefer to treat their loved one themselves at home. If you are doing this and only want some professional guidance, this indirect counseling program is for you. By choosing this program, you are committing to doing all the hard work yourself, but with direction from professionals in this field.

In the Do-It-To-Yourself Program, one of our highly-competent counselors or psychologists at Willing Ways will guide you on how to treat your loved one yourself. We will assess the strategies you are currently using and inform you on what you are doing right and what changes to make. We will give you recommendations and direct you to articles, books, and videos related to your specific case. After an in-person initial assessment and evaluation session, families can choose to participate in this pay-as-you-go program. This program includes a 75-minute long training session that cost Rs. 5,550/session to 51,550/session and one 3-5 minute call a day where a professional answers family’s questions, provides them education and recommendations, or gives them feedback. Families can decide the frequency of the sessions. Families in this program can also participate in the Will and Skill Sessions and Stakeholder’s Sessions, if they are looking for additional support.

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