This outdoor program offers complete detoxification via medication, extensive at-home counseling sessions, and participation in the Stakeholder’s Session at Willing Ways. It allows the patient to stay home and continue their work or school, while undergoing treatment.

  • Interaction:As outdoor client face to face, on-line or on telephone
  • Program length: 21 Days
  • Professionals: Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Uzma Sadaqat, Abdur Rehman Sadaqat, Nadeem Noor, Shumaila Batool, , Dr. Ajaz Qureshi, Tehseen Nasir, Dr. Imtiaz Hasan, Dr. Najam Ayub, Dr. Mansoor Ul Haq, Dr. Huma Aslam, Dr. Mariam Iftikhar, Dr. Naveed Shahzad, Dr. Aftab Mian, Dr. Javed Iqbal, Amna Nawaz, Ramsha Khan
  • Charges in Total: Rs.775,000

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