Willing Ways Premium Rehabs in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad are designed for clients who want to live in a high-end, private setting program, while receiving top-notch and individualized drug and alcohol program. When our clients desire these services, they are ready to afford the high-class treatment and amenities of this quality.

The goal of the indoor rehab program is to give individuals the greatest chance at sobriety. This program ensures that you have access to a team of excellent medical professionals, addiction counselors, and a range of personal development programs. The indoor rehab program includes initial assessment, intake sessions and treatment planning, dual diagnosis management, medical and physical evaluation, 24-hour access to medical specialists for around-the-clock supervision, accommodations (private rooms),nutrition management to improve dietary deficiencies, and 6 hours of daily individual and group counseling and addiction education. They are provided 3 meals per day and laundry is done for them. Rooms generally include a comfortable bed, bathroom, and space for personal items. Patients generally have access to amenities to make their stay as comfortable as possible. They may have access to an on-site gym, and some standard facilities. We may also offer pampering services, such as massage therapy,to help reduce stress and promote a relaxing environment, for an additional fee. During their stay, patients are shielded from any external pressures that can disrupt their treatment. They begin to learn about themselves and draw strength and support from their peers in the program.

The cost of indoor treatment at Willing Ways depends on several factors, such as the kind of treatment you choose and your length of stay. A good way to look at the cost of an indoor program at Willing Ways is in terms of the level of care: premium, moderately intensive, and highly intensive.The premium program is 100 days long and ranges from Rs. 10,550/day to Rs.30,550/day. The moderately intensive program is 42 days long and costs between Rs. 13,550/day to Rs. 38,550/day and the 28-day long highly intensive program costs between Rs. 15,550/day to Rs. 45,550/day.The frequency and intensity of counseling sessions increase with each higher intensity program. The longer you choose to stay at a facility, the longer you live in a sober environment that is conducive to recovery. Longer stays in treatment cost less than shorter stays on a per-day basis.

Before you choose any service at Willing Ways, we welcome you to evaluate us and build your trust in our services and our team of professionals.

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