This program offers complete rehab treatment via medication and extensive counseling sessions. It is ideally for patients who would like to continue with their jobs and other activities, while undergoing treatment for their chemical or non-chemical addiction.

  • Interaction: As outdoor client face to face, on-line or on telephone
  • Program length: 36 Months
  • Charges will differ according to the Team of Professionals leading the treatment, which are as follows:
    • Team 5 – On average, charges for Amna Nawaz and Associates are Rs.155,550/Trimester
    • Team 4 – On average, charges for Dr. Aijaz Qureshi and Associates are Rs.195,550/Trimester
    • Team 3 – On average, charges forShumailaBatool, Nadeem Noor and Associates are Rs.255,550/Trimester
    • Team 2 – On average, charges for AbdurRehmanSadaqat and Associates are Rs.305,550/Trimester
    • Team 1 – On average, charges for Dr. Sadaqat Ali, UzmaSadaqat and Associates are Rs.355,550/Trimester

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