Outdoor addiction treatment allows you to continue living at home and working, while undergoing treatment. Treatment is scheduled around the patient’s work and school timings.

Outdoor addiction treatment is offered 2-4 hours day, 6 days a week. It can include group therapy, individual counseling, addiction education, partial hospitalization, intensive outdoor care, medication management, or a combination of these options. Home detox can also be included, if needed. The aim of the program is to ensure sobriety and relapse prevention.

Since Willing Ways is the only lavish and comfort-focused facility with unmatched technical expertise that offers outdoor treatment program, the cost of its premium outdoor rehab program is high, and it ranges from Rs.1,400,550/- to Rs 3,500,550/. The cost varies based on the professional in-charge, type of care offered, and the total length of treatment.You will find that our outdoor treatment program costs the same as the indoor residential program. While indoor services include the cost of boarding and lodging, the outdoor program requires more vigilance, attention, and professional input.This type of program involves focused and around-the-clock care from a distance.

We also offer shorter outdoor treatment programs on per-day basis. These typically cost more than the longer treatment programs because these require more personalized care and additional one-on-one patient-therapist interactions.

Before you choose any service at Willing Ways, we welcome you to evaluate us and build your trust in our services and our team of professionals.

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