This is the first step in the treatment process where the clinician asks questions and gathers information to find out what the problem is. A treatment plan is designed based on the results of this session.

  • Interaction: As outdoor client face to face, on-line or on telephone
  • Program length: (75mins – 120mins)
  • Program length with Dr. Sadaqat Ali (Dividable into TWO sessions): 75 mins – 120 mins
  • Professionals Charges Per Session: Abdur Rehman Sadaqat (Rs.12,550), Nadeem Noor (Rs.12,550), Shumaila Batool (Rs.12,550), Dr. Ajaz Qureshi (Rs.12,550), Amna Nawaz (Rs.9,550), Tehseen Nasir (Rs.5,500), Ramsha Khan(Rs.5,500)
  • Charges for Uzma Sadaqat: Rs. 15,550/Session
  • Charges for Dr. Sadaqat Ali: Rs.51,550/Session

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