Willing Ways offers a variety of individual and group programming and services that target both individuals suffering from addiction and/or psychiatric challenges, and their loved ones. These services range considerably in duration, frequency, cost, and the target population. Programs and services at Willing Ways are designed in such a way that they incorporate the different phases of treatment. This includes, initial assessment and evaluation, pre-treatment planning, collaborating with family to bring their loved one into treatment, detoxification, active rehabilitation, and continuity of care for long-term recovery. Given that some families have been able to manage their loved one’s addiction by themselves at home, we have also designed a new program specifically for families who wish to do it all themselves but would like to benefit from professional guidance in their ventures.

Each of our programs is research-driven and equipped with a multidisciplinary team of highly-accomplished doctors, psychologists, and counselors to address the patient’s and his/her family’s unique needs. We welcome you to evaluate our services and build confidence in our team of professionals, prior to choosing any of our services. While some programs and services require indoor stay at our high-end facility, many are also offered on outdoor basis, so that you are able to continue with work, education, and other functional activities, while undergoing treatment. Click on each program below to learn more about it.