Offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Will and Skill Sessions are led by two highly qualified counselors and psychologists at Willing Ways like Ms. Uzma Sadaqat, AbdurRehmanSadaqt, Dr. Ajaz Qureshi, Nadeem Noor, Ms. Shumaila Batool, Ms. Amna Nawaz, Ms. Ramsha Khan. This group session invites indoor patients, outdoor patients, follow-up patients, families of current patients, and families of follow-up patients. Technical issues are discussed during these sessions. For the cost of Rs. 2,550/session, patients and families get the opportunity to gain skills that empower them for long-term recovery. These include, addiction-related issues, 7 habits, executive skills, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), relapse prevention strategies, assertiveness, cravings management, and other topics of interest. Patients and families are encouraged to ask questions and make the most of this unique learning experience. Indoor patients and their families join us at 4:15 pm and follow-up patients and their families join the session at 4:55 pm. Session ends promptly at 6:10 pm.

If you are interested in finding more about the work we do at Willing Ways, come join us for a session! Click here for the cost of Will and Skill Session.